New site and blog

At last, a new site and a blog for me. Although it’s still under construction (and changes are coming), everything on this site should behave somewhat correctly.

So whats this site about? It’s going to be my personal site, where I’m going to write about IC/harware design and programming as thats where my interests lie. Updates will be sporadic, propably one blog post per month or two. For this year the target is to write at least ten blog posts. Additionally I will be sharing some of my (bad) photographs in full resolution (see photos section) for those who don’t like flickr or 500px.

With this site I wanted to try something different when it comes to the back-end. Instead of using any well known platform like wordpress or blogspot, I wanted to create a lightweight site that could be easily hosted on almost any server. Both of these criterias are fulfilled by static webpages, as they only require a simple web server from the host. Static pages are also lightweight for the server, as no expensive computation is required when serving them and the page contents can be cached efficiently.

The only problem was how to build the site. Manually making the pages was out of the question, as it would take way too much time to publish any new posts on the site. The solution was to use static site generator. First I thought to make one by myself, but then I found out that there are tons of different static page generators out there. StaticGen proved to be a quite useful resource for choosing the static site generator for my site. With this site I went with Hugo, as it is easy to install. Just download the binary and start developing. Other good features were usage of Go HTML templates, having a somewhat easy learning curve, and it is in active development.

Currently the site is still under development. Photos section is currently missing, but it will be the next thing I’m going to focus on. Photo gallery will be probably built on bootstrap using my own gallery design instead of using existing gallery software, as that way I can take advantage of features offered by Hugo. Additionally I will be experimenting with the layout of the site and add some additional content to the site (like filling that about page with actual content).